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Co-Founder & CEO Fifteen Seconds

About Stefan

Stefan is the co-founder of the Fifteen Seconds Festival, Europe’s largest conference for curious minds that challenges the commercial future. Together with his team he lives at the intersection of business, innovation, and creativity and helps people succeed, uniting a community of interdisciplinary forward-thinkers who are eager to share, explore and learn from the best.

He had the honor to welcome renowned executives from all over the world telling their success stories, including leaders from global brands like The New York Times, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Twitter, Starbucks, and Apple, to name just a few. Since 2014, partnering companies like Google, Forbes, Microsoft, Oracle, IKEA, Red Bull, and Mercedes-Benz joined.

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About Marius

CEO at Urban Sharing, developing technology that enables innovation in shared mobility while helping cities achieve sustainable, urban growth.
Former VP Platform & Technology Trends at Schibsted Media Group, overlooking new technology trends and driving innovation experiments. Prior to this, Director Product & Business Development at VG and Management Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.
Marius has a strong passion for innovation, business development and new technology, and has co-founded two Internet start-ups.
He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a MSc degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU. He was selected among Norway’s Top 100 leadership talents by E24 and Mercuri Urval in 2014.

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CEO Urban Sharing

Founder, Energy & Sustainability

About Wade

Wade leads the Energy and Sustainability initiative at Plug and Play Technology Center. He’s responsible for managing corporate relationships and startup facing. His passion is in serving startups at the intersection of technology and business.

Wade has co-authored multiple scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. He holds a master of science degree in Chemical engineering from Lamar university and master degree in Petroleum and Natural gas engineering from West Virginia University.

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About Markus

He studied in Graz, Vienna and at the California State University Eayst Bay San Francisco Hayward. Markus started his carrer in the field of education – his big passion.  He worked 3 years as Director of the Magna Education and Research GmbH. Since 2013 he is the Vice President of Global Human Resource Management at AVL List  GmbH.

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction, large engines and their integration into the vehicle. Innovation drives the company and also Markus in his position.  People and education are his focus and he ist aware that every kind of innovation touches people.

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Vice President Global Human Resource Management, AVL List GmbH.

Head of Innovation Management & Intellectual Property
Liebherr Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH 

About Thomas

Thomas Kandolf is Head of Innovation Management & Intellectual Property at Liebherr Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH in Austria. He is responsible for the global implementation and  coordination of innovation and development projects for  refrigerators and freezers. Stratecic innovation within the company is one of his core projects as the development of product-related ideas management. He is also responsible for the establishment of international cooperations.

In addition Thomas worked for “Start UP” at the University of Aplied Science in Carinthia he coached numerous startups with a focus on technology. He also was responsible for the invention of a stustainable startup-szene in the city of Villach. He is member of the advisory board of TRIZ-Kompetenzzentrum in Graz and board of i3 (Initiative Intelligent Innovation)  – an innovation association. Trying out new innovation methods and developing new systematic approaches is his big passion.

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About Walter

Walter Keisel. He inspires. He motivates. He fills the audience with enthusiasm and encourages reflection. Walter feels confident that we can “electrify” the world with renewable energies. He demonstrates this every day anew as a successful entrepreneur leading a highly motivated team.

As a visionary and passionate advocate of the energy transition, Walter illuminates the past, questions the status quo and – in his very unique and fascinating way – points out to solutions that seem immediately achievable and economically viable.

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CEO, owner and founder Kreisel Ventures

GM Innovation & Ventures, Contact Energy

About Andy

As the GM of innovation and Ventures Andy Sibley  has the great privilege to build, guide, mentor and steer a diverse and fantastic team to create a movement of decarbonization and make Contact Energy stand for something to be proud of that has a meaning bigger than itself.

I recently successfully completed the lead of a programme involving over 200+ staff from across the enterprise within nine work-streams and 21 projects over 30 months to embed a process safety improvement culture and framework that has led to broader continuous improvement in leadership, business operations and processes, process safety and innovative technology solutions.

This work has been globally recognised and Contact is also helping other companies from Canada, Australia and New Zealand lead a process safety transformation.

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About Martin

CEO of EEG Elements Energy GmbH develops energy storage systems, that enable the economical and environmental friendly storage of large amounts of energy.

He believes, that switching our energy production to a carbon- and environmental is one of the most important tasks our world faces at the moment. And to achieve this goal fast, we need to make renewable energy cheaper than fossile fuels – 365 days a year. I´m trying to help reach this goal faster by developing hydrogen based energy storage systems that allow us to store – for example – photovoltaic energy from the summer for the winter or act as uninterrupted power supply.

He has a background in chemistry, machine building and a Bachelor in Arts of Business.

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CEO of EEG Elements Energy GmbH