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And yes, sustainability is something that we are not only thinking about but we’re trying to make an impact. Many times it is small steps but sometimes we manage to do bigger steps.

We decided to make this event as green as possible & find partners that share the same values. An event is about being a good host, offering interesting content & providing something valuable for the guests. But is always about decoration, give-aways, food etc. too and all of this produces also a lot of waste & reduces ressources. We are trying hard to find alternatives when we make our decisions.


  • Using material that is bio-degradable

  • Trying to produce things locally and avoiding long transportation

  • Really thinking twice before we order something. #necessity

  • We are not going to have any plastic or paper plates & cutlery. So there won’t be any coffee cups in the trash afterwards

  • Aiming for diversity & choosing partners who do the same. Wether they work with disabled people or refugees or simply people who need a second chance in life


DieFahrBar is the first coffee bike in Graz. It combines Italian coffee culture with innovative and sustainable catering. The quality of our coffee is our top priority. The espresso as the basis of every coffee is freshly prepared by trained baristas. In this way we transform every location and every event into a small oasis of well-being and relaxing atmosphere.

The second pillar on which DieFahrBar stands is about the environment: We cover all distances in Graz with our emission free e-cargo bikes. DieFahrBar demonstrates that CO2-neutral urban city-logistic is not only possible but also profitable. Not only does our coffee provide you with excellent taste but also with a piece of innovation.

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Cornelia Landschützer is the founder of “cornlandart”, an office for design, lettering and illustration. Besides this, she is the author of several books about hand lettering. Her newest book “UPLettering – 30 Upcycling-Projekte für Lettering Lovers” offers ideas for crafting using items of everyday household waste (such as glass containers, tin cans, milk cartons etc) and then lettering on them. A wonderful, sustainability promoting book on the topic of zero-waste, since it stresses using material already available in the household to decorate the products.

One of the special focuses of cornlandart is to letter chalkboards and displays professionally by hand. This saves huge amounts of paper and adhesive foils for different signs, since the chalkboards and other materials used can always be wiped and rewritten.

For this event, Cornelia Landschützer will design on chalkboards and with chalk lettering on asphalt.

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Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH is among the leading providers of social services in the Province of Styria. Our portfolio is as diverse as the challenges life provides. Our customers are children, young adults and adults with a need for support in professional, social and personal life issues. Children, young adults and families receive support in crisis situations. People of all ages in need of support get the chance to be educated/qualified and to be (re-)integrated into the labour market. People with disabilities receive person-centred support, they become independent and have a real chance for participating in work and employment. When they arrive at their new homes, refugees, grown-ups and minors, are supported in flats rather than large refugee camps.

Jugend am Werk’s incafé is catering the whole morning session. The incafé is working place for people with disabilities. They have jobs in the kitchen, in service but of course also in catering. It is the goal to offer people with disabilities a self-determined and independent life and help them reaching this goal.

We are very happy to have them!

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Protecting bees finally reached the general public but most people are thinking of honeybees only. But in reality it’s mostly wild-bees that are in great danger. There are approximately 700 different species in Austria only.

Marion Peternell, Founder of Seedpap, had the idea to collect seeds of herbs and wild flowers and include them in her handmade paper with the goal to raise the awareness of the endangered situation of wild bees. What we liked most about her product is that you can simply take the paper, put it in the earth, water it and whatever seeds are integrated will bloom. It is both bio-degradable but also very charming because everyone likes flowers, right?

We use this paper for our Save the Dates, Invitations and of course for decoration purposes.

And we are totally in love with such a pretty product!

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It is not that easy finding someone who is offering green products when it comes to merchandising. Or we haven’t really thought about it yet. We found someone that meets our requirements with ‘Premium Team’s ‘fair premium product line.

Premium team offers products that are made of biological disposable material that can be recycled. They are trying to find CO2 friendly alternative ways of transportation and focus on products that are produced in Europe. If products can not be produced in Europe or only with tremendous costs they find producers in Asia with transparent & fair labor conditions.

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